Jennifer Parker


GATEWAY I exhibition, 2023

Jennifer Partker "PALMLINES"video, 2007

Jennifer Parker “PALMLINES”, 2007, video 13:23 min., credit: J. Parker

Palmlines uses the webcam as a tool to capture and expose aspects of individual identity from the private setting of Parker’s studio to the public setting of the gallery. By tracing the palm-lines of her hand, Parker was able to evoke notions of palm- reading and technological modes of bodily surveillance as old and new ways of disclosing very personal, almost invisible information about identity into the very public arena of a gallery space.

Text: Jennifer Parker

Jennifer Parker is a Professor and founding Director of the OpenLab Collaborative Research Center at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

As a media artist, Parker is recognized for her innovative work investigating issues of biology and technology, combining art, ecology, and design. Through multi-sensory and interdisciplinary collaborations, she engages scientific and creative practices to explore the sensorial world of humans and the more than human world of species living on the planet.