Iglika Christova

“Micro cosmos 1”, 2023

GATEWAY I exhibition, 2023

Iglika Christova "Micro-cosmos-1" 2023 Ink Drawing

Iglika Christova “Micro cosmos 1”, 2023, Ink Drawing on paper.

Iglika Christova’s creation proposes a plastic as well as theoretical reflection on the impact of the microcosm in the processes of creation. Her artistic practice is focused on drawing as a universal language questioning the microcosm by investing all the spatio-temporal dimensions of the work of art. Through numerous microscopic observations and experiments carried out with scientists, Iglika Christova is in search of the invisible, the unity of the living world, and her line seeks to apprehend the links existing between all beings. Cells, microbes and other micro-organisms give rise to her drawings just as they give rise to life.

Extract from a text by Marie-Laure Desjardins.

Iglika Christova "Micro-cosmos-1" 2023 Ink Drawing - Detail

Iglika Christova “Micro cosmos 1”, 2023, Ink Drawing on paper – Detail.

Iglika Christova (born 1979 in Sofia) is a visual artist and a doctor of the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne in arts and sciences of art. She is involved in both theoretical and plastic research, at the intersection of art and biology. Iglika Christova is the author of the book Art & Microbiology published by “Jannink / Les Presses du réel”, in 2021 where she explores a contemporary artistic act born from the contribution of microbiology.