Anna-Maria Bogner

untitled, 2023

GATEWAY II exhibition, 2023

Anna-Maria Bogner, untitled, 2023, Installation

Anna-Maria Bogner, untitled, 2023, Installation, 182x182x268 cm. HOSTGALLERY, interior view.

We generate space first in our thoughts. But it is our collection of experience, we need, to access our own possibilities. Because no space is ever the same. Space is created in our communication and interaction anew every day: situational. There are fragments we collect, pieces which we organize or even discard. Space is always linked to our perception process and hence an accumulation of what we are able to experience. How one defines the limits of space themselves? What are the expectations about our own space? Is space only a construction of our deconstruction of reality?

Anna-Maria Bogner, May 2023
©Anna-Maria Bogner, untitled, 2022, drawing

©Anna-Maria Bogner, untitled, 2022, drawing. Photo ©Johannes Bendzulla, ©Bildrecht Wien 2023

Anna-Maria Bogner (1984, Tyrol, Austria. Lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany) is an impressive contemporary artist with an extensive artistic biography.
In her work, she mainly deals with the theme of space and poses essential questions – how our spaces are constructed or deconstructed, how we perceive and experience them, how we think about spaces.

Based on video interview “RLB Kunstpreis 2022: Anna-Maria Bogner”